Punchbowl Bus Company

Established in 1968, Punchbowl Bus Company is a trusted provider of transport services to the Sydney community. We’ve been delivering reliable and cost-effective public transportation solutions for over 50 years – providing Sydneysiders with an affordable way to get around town. As one of the largest bus companies in Australia, we pride ourselves on our commitment to service excellence. Our experienced team takes great care in ensuring that all passengers have a safe and enjoyable journey each time they travel with us. With frequent departures from major locations throughout Sydney, we make it easy for commuters to reach their destination quickly and conveniently.

Our History

Punchbowl Bus Company has been a part of Sydney‘s transportation network since the 1950s. We’ve been providing reliable bus services to Sydneysiders ever since, and we take pride in our commitment to delivering quality customer service with every trip. Our fleet consists of modern buses that are equipped with state-of-the-art features such as air conditioning and wheelchair access, ensuring all passengers have a comfortable ride no matter where they’re going. Through years of dedication and hard work, Punchbowl Bus Company has become an essential part of everyday life for many people living in the city – so if you’re looking for a hassle free journey then look no further; let us get you there!

Services & Routes

From our decades of experience to present day, Punchbowl Bus Company has been providing Sydneysiders with a reliable and convenient form of public transport. We are proud to offer services and routes that extend across the city, making us one of Sydney’s largest bus operators. Our services include:

  • Local bus services;
  • School bus services;
  • Charter buses for private events;
  • Corporate shuttle services; and
  • Special event shuttles such as sporting matches or concerts.
    We strive to ensure all passengers have access to an affordable and consistent service no matter their destination or purpose. With extensive knowledge in the industry, Punchbowl Bus Company is committed to delivering safe travel options while remaining environmentally friendly and improving our customer service each year. We look forward to continuing this journey alongside you!

Our Fleet

At Punchbowl Bus Company, we take pride in our fleet of modern buses. With a range of sizes and seating configurations to suit any journey, you won’t have to worry about being cramped or uncomfortable. Our spacious coaches are equipped with the latest amenities like air conditioning, USB charging ports, and on-board WiFi. All our buses also meet strict safety standards so that your trip is as safe as it is comfortable. We’ve got everything you need for your next Sydney adventure!

Our Commitment To Safety & Quality

At Punchbowl Bus Company, we understand that the safety and comfort of our passengers is paramount. We have taken several measures to ensure this, which are outlined below:

  • Our fleet consists only of modern vehicles that meet all relevant certification standards;
  • All drivers undergo regular training in safe driving techniques; and
  • Regular maintenance checks are conducted on every vehicle.

We strive for excellence with each journey, so you can rest assured that your trip will be both comfortable and safe when travelling with us.

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