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Boundary Surveys – Sydney

A boundary survey is a process or method to define the boundaries of a property formally. It aims to determine the corners of a piece of land, and this is done by commissioning boundary surveys before buying, dividing, improving, or building on the land. 

We’ve spent decades refining our processes and expertise in Boundary Surveys; below are some of the things that can be included in the survey:

·     The Dimensions of the Lots. The dimensions of land are derived from the deed, subdivision plans, and drawings showing the specific lines of the property.

·     The Improvements. You can select a boundary survey to contain any improvements done on the land by prior owners, such as houses, garages, pools, sheds, and other permanent constrictions to the property.

·     The Fences. Fences are typically utilised as a signal to let people see and know where your property begins and ends, but they are not always placed on the property lines. Even if fences can be part of the drawing, such must not be taken as the property’s boundaries.

·     The Easements. This can be included in the land surveyors report as long as we possess a copy of the title commitment.

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We Offer Drawing Preparation for Your Boundary Survey 

Here at SS, drawings will be created and delivered to the client containing all relevant and crucial information pertaining to the subject property’s boundaries. If necessary, we will meet with the client to determine the problems and concerns and other courses of action. 

Reliable Boundary Services Like No Other

One of the most imperative solutions our company provides is the boundary survey. The purpose of such survey is to recover, re-establish or redefine the property corners of a parcel of land and correctly and precisely define the limits of the property in question through surveyor markers.  

Usually, the lines are identified through our final survey drawing by a system called “metes and bounds”. The lines are accurate to one second of arc, and distances to the closest one-hundredth of a foot are arrived at for all boundary courses and contained in our last and final drawing. 

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