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In the land survey field, detail surveys are a vital prerequisite for land development and building. Simply put the purpose of a detail survey is to indicate features adjacent to, and on a property.

The features included in general detail surveys are:

  • Title information.
  • Contours.
  • Levels on the kerb and other critical features.
  • Gutter and ridge heights for adjacent buildings.
  • Level benchmark to Australian Height Datum (AHD).
  • Width and height of major vegetation.
  • Property floor level.
  • Ridge and gutter heights for subject building.
  •  Heights for neighboring buildings facing subject site and window position.
  • Location of on site structures (pergolas, garden sheds).
  • Location of the existing visible services (power poles, sewerage, telephone).
  • Outline of adjacent buildings.
  • Spot levels.
  •  Location of true north and Site co-ordination.
  • Outline of neighboring buildings.

Planning Your Construction

Elevation data is the key for planning land surveys in Sydney or any high-rise building construction project, and based on the contours of the land, it has proven to be an effective way to construct roads and tracks. For different agriculture types, like tree crops, putting plants along the contours of the land is the right strategy for better yield.

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The Types of Detail Contouring Surveys in Sydney

In most projects, contour mapping is an essential part and method to understand the site’s layout initially. After which, we can calculate how much soil and other material essentials are needed to be added or lessened to make the site’s structure in line with the construction plan. Verification on the terraforming of the land is done to make sure that it fits with the engineering concept and design. Further, the contouring projects can be classified into:

1. Direct Method of Contouring. 

In this method, the contours needed to be located are directly traced out on the ground through locating and having several points made on each contour, and these contour points are then surveyed and plotted on a plan with the contours drawn on them.

The direct method of contouring has proven to be the most accurate but time-consuming and complicated as time is needed in searching for points of the same elevation for a contour. Direct Method of Contouring in Sydney is best for small areas needing accurate results.

2. Indirect Method of Contouring 

In the Indirect Method of contouring survey, the levels are considered at some chosen points, and their levels are lessened. Thus, in this method, horizontal control is placed first, then the levels of those points are listed. Then, the tracing of the points on the plan is completed, and any reduced levels are marked. Contour lines are then inserted between the selected points.

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