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Underground Service Locating – Sydney

As land Surveyors in Sydney , Sydney Surveyor Solutions is considered the expert in utility locating and service detection; we can help your project be safer, more efficient, and reduce unwanted mistakes. Our company knows how crucial accuracy and efficiency is to your business or residential project. This is why many in the civil and residential construction industry have turned to us for guidance on underground service locating and other surveying services.

Modern Technology for Your Underground Service Location Needs

Our company uses the most modern and trusted technology so that your safety is always the priority. Our results reflect our commitment to excellence and accuracy. To make this possible, Surveyor Sydney uses both Ground Penetrating Radar (GPR) and electromagnetic location methods for our underground locating services. Here is some more information about these methods:

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1. Ground Penetrating Radar (GPR) locating.

One effective way of locating underground services is the GPR or ground-penetrating radar device. With these, we can identify underground services given through non-conductive pipes and cables. This is done by pulsing electromagnetic waves into the surface, allowing the surveyors to determine non-conductive underground pipes and cables without wires or tracer tap.

2. Electromagnetic locating. 

This is a widely used method to detect underground services delivered through cables or pipes made of conductive materials, like electrical wiring or copper pipes.

Furthermore, electromagnetic locating is best used for utilities like water, natural gas, fuel sources, electricity wires and telephone lines. A trackable current is inserted through the service by direct connection. If you plan to tackle anything from residential construction through to pipelines construction, wharf construction, high rise buildings construction, or road construction, we are the company to trust!

Why Choose Sydney Surveyor Solutions for Your Utility Locating Needs 

Teaming up with us to locate underground services means that you will both lessen possible delays due to potential damages and, in turn, reduce design and construction costs. With our qualified and certified technicians who have extensive experience in subsurface utility engineering processes, you can expect to have professional results all the time. 

Thus, if you’ve got some construction needs in the pipeline, reach out to us at Sydney Surveyor Solutions to have your project put on the right track from the very beginning.

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