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Boris Surla
Boris Surla
March 20, 2022.
Super fast & efficent service. The guys are super easy to work with, highly reccomend.
March 3, 2022.
Excellent service! Very fast, reliable and great value for their work. Very highly recommend them, and I will certainly use them for future projects.
Michelle Mannex
Michelle Mannex
March 3, 2022.
Highly recommend
Living Image Landscape Design
Living Image Landscape Design
March 2, 2022.
I have used Sydney Surveyor Solutions on a number of my projects. I have been impressed with their cost speed and quality of their work. I recommend them and will use them again on future projects
John Hanna
John Hanna
March 2, 2022.
Very Good Services , on time , good quality of work , I do recommend them for any surveying jobs.
Fiona Bateson
Fiona Bateson
March 2, 2022.
Very efficient and prompt service and reasonable cost, I would recommend.
March 2, 2022.

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Land Surveyor Sydney

Welcome to Sydney Surveyor Solutions— the trusted experts in Sydney land surveying. Our land survey services include boundary survey, detail survey, contour survey and construction survey, together with utility location and other preparatory services for your project in Sydney, Australia and nearby areas. 

A land surveyor in Sydney completes and gathers important information about your site that is imperative to any project’s success. We pride ourselves in the quality of work and output placed into our preparation and delivery. An expert and trusted land survey is an essential part of the project’s initial phases. Since we have been a trusted land surveying company in Australia with 30 years of combined experience, you can guarantee that Surveyor Sydney has been the go-to company in laying the support and foundations for numerous development projects. 

Why Use Our Surveying Services?

Whatever your development project is, if ‘land surveyors near me’ is what you are after, then you have come to the right place. It is crucial that you know the outline of the land you are about to develop and prepare for all possible scenarios. 

At Sydney Surveyor Solutions, land surveying is the first and crucial step towards a yielding and successful project. A Land Surveyor Sydney is responsible for measuring the site in detail regarding topography, lines, metes and bounds, slope, current conditions, and defining where the fence line starts. Specialised survey equipment is used to measure setbacks of standing buildings and land.

Top Quality Land Survey Services in Sydney

A land survey is fundamental to buildings and designing infrastructures to have a complete understanding and layout of the land and nearby infrastructures. We consider all regulations, including windows and common walls, which can also affect the size of the building you plan to construct. 

A detailed land survey helps make sure that other professionals such as engineers and architects can consider all the relevant information about your property and its surroundings, ensuring that their designs and concepts fit within the local area. As a specialised land surveying company, Sydney Surveyor Solutions is here to help you make a great kick-off for your project.

Surveyor Sydney

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Our team of registered land surveyors sets the bar for industry qualifications, experience and excellence. Regardless of where you are in Sydney, our experienced team is here to set your next project up for success. 

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The Land Survey Process for Sydney Surveyors

Our land surveying process has been refined throughout the years and is constantly evolving with technology. Depending on which boundaries you need to survey, it is important to note that such is an essential legal duty that professionals must consider seriously, and the following are the usual steps taken inland surveys:

· Locating and verifying the corners of the property;

· Resetting and re-establishing any undefined or unclear corners;

· Marking the corners;

· Painting corners to make such boundaries visible;

· Installing wooden stakes or flags with corresponding labels to locate them;

· Working with building designers/architects to confirm plans;

· Making notes on future encroachments on the site;

The Trusted Land Surveyor Service

Land surveying is one of the first few steps before construction can take place. Even if it is true that it brings stress and hassle, the cadastral survey is essential to ensure the safety of the building and its inhabitants. The making of the boundary drawings serves as a legally binding document. So, the Sydney surveyors must adhere to local rules and regulations regarding the definition of property lines and details of the land.

Looking for the best company and the right solutions to help you take the steps can be pretty complicated. This is where Sydney Surveyor Solutions comes in, and here’s what we do for you:

Providing you with site due diligence & feasibility

Assisting you to achieve the pre-lodgement & development application phase

Putting in more effort in getting approvals;

Establishing land descriptions, liens and other encumbrances

What We Offer

Underground Service Locating

Underground service locating Sydney is a crucial part of any construction project which plans to touch the subsurface. Here at Surveyor Sydney, our underground service locating uses electromagnetic, Radiodetection and GPR locating techniques around Sydney and NSW, making sure the best possible results for locating hidden pipes, cables and other utilities on your project.

Furthermore, included in the services are the cables, pipes, and the like, specifically, electricity cables, water pipes, phone lines, and gas pipes, and those buried below surface level.

Boundary Survey

Owning a property means that one knows where the boundaries are, and unclear boundaries can lead to arguments, be it for private property, commercial property, or land for drilling and mining. The moment there are conflicting views about boundary lines, the owners may need a boundary survey. Our professional surveyors Sydney are the best when it comes to experience and knowledge. Surveyor Sydney leads the best team of surveyors having a range of skills, and they also collaborate with our clients to make sure that everything is done right.

Getting us as your surveyor means having peace of mind since each member of our team has undergone tremendous training and is a critical thinker. We also utilise the best technology and modern methods to arrive at decisions and solutions. 

Contour Survey

contour survey is the best way to quickly and graphically know your land’s vertical and horizontal shape or layout. Understanding the land contours means that one can easily visualise or map how water will flow across the property when it rains and where it ultimately settles, causing damage to soil and other water flow effects. 

Thanks to this base, one can even make up water flow imagery, create maps and come up with the best locations. On that note, a contour map is essential because it provides crucial information about the land. This comprehensive service can be done at the beginning of many different projects, including; roads, buildings, railways, dams, and canals.

About us

Sydney Surveyor Solutions is your qualified and certified land surveyor in Sydney, Australia. We are experts in measuring and mapping out defined areas by utilising onsite and offsite techniques.  

Our company leads the best team of residential surveyors, local surveyors, and land surveyors who possess the skills in making detailed reports, making use of the most modern tech, namely, spatial devices, unmanned aerial vehicles and geographic information system (GIS).

Our company employs a team of skilled, competent, and certified professionals with extensive knowledge to deliver your project on time and within budget.

Our 30 years of combined experience in this industry has allowed us to consistently provide the best survey services to our clients for their residential, commercial, civil, and industrial properties in Sydney, Australia, and nearby locations. We are Sydney locals and are here built great ongoing business relationships with our clients. 

Frequently Asked Questions
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How much does a surveyor cost in NSW?

The cost of land surveying in Sydney begins at $170 hourly. However, these costs can still change depending on factors such as the land’s size, shape, and location. So, when your property has an irregular shape or is located in hilly areas, the surveying cost can go up. Thus, there are a lot of property considerations that influence the entire surveying costs, and the following are some of the factors that impact land surveying rates:

· Where is the location? The location of the property affects the price the most. One can anticipate being charged a higher fee if such property has a lot of trees and plants. The same is true if the property cannot be easily accessed.

· How much is the land area? This is also a significant factor in calculating your surveying costs. 

· What is the measurement and shape? Standard rectangular blocks are much more affordable to survey. However, if you have metes and bounds that cannot easily be seen or accessed, the surveying can cost more.

· Are there other physical aspects of property? Typically, there are higher surveying rates for properties situated in a mountainous areas.

What Does a Land Surveyor Do Australia?

A land surveyor uses various equipment to measure property boundaries, locate natural or artificial features of the land, and stake out the position of the corners and boundaries of the property. This information is then mapped to create a property survey.

Should I get a boundary survey in Australia?

A majority of landowners rely on boundary surveys as a security and protection against any dispute from encroachment. The Boundary Survey plays a crucial role in land surveying; this includes plans and designs for land subdivisions.

Land surveyors for boundary surveys may collaborate with professionals in engineering, architecture, geology and planning. Architects or building designers use the initial measurements to move your project onto the next stage of designing and planning. 

What Is the Difference Between a Land Survey and a Boundary Survey?

A boundary survey differs from a land survey in that it is used to measure property boundaries and locate natural or artificial features of the land. A boundary survey may be used in conjunction with a land survey to map the property.

Do I Need a Boundary Survey?

A boundary survey may be required if there is uncertainty about the location of the property line, the boundary may be unclear due to trees, or for boundary disputes. A surveyor can also determine whether a building is on the property or on someone else’s property.

How do surveyors determine boundaries in Australia?

 A land surveyor is a professional who is employed in the office or the field. In determining the boundaries, a land surveyor Sydney utilises advanced and modern technology such as high order GPS, Robotic Total Stations, and aerial and terrestrial scanners in calculating and mapping out a property. This enables them to arrive at computations and get photos for documentation.

Furthermore, a boundary survey is the best method of establishing the limits of property in Sydney formally. It is hinged on the clarification and establishment of the metes and bounds of the land. Usually, buyers or owners of land request border surveys before purchasing, dividing, modifying, or building on the land.  

In an office setting, the land surveyors better utilise computer programs like AutoCAD, arrive at draft plans and map out the measurements. These professionals are specialists in assessing land size and measurements, giving advice and knowledge crucial for engineers and designers. 

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